Friday, 6 March 2015

Direct - Faucet List

Bagi yang masih belum punya Cloud Miner karena harus mengeluarkan modal, berikut ini website untuk mendapatkan BitCoin secara gratis. List bitcoin gratis berikut bitcoin yang didapat akan dikumpulkan di Langsung di webnya masing-masing.

Faucet Button Prize Timer up to 200,000 10 Minutes
Freebitco. up to 70,000,000 1 Hour
BitcoinAliens up to 25,000 5 Minutes up to 20,000 1 Hour
77bitcoin up to 2,500 1 Hour up to 1,000 30 Minutes
DanceFaucet Up to 100,000 1 Hour
Bassfaucet 400 1 Hour
BitcoinZebra 200 1 Hours
DailyFreebits Up to 5,000 1 Hour
Treebitcoin up to 100,000 1 Hour up to 10,000 1 Hour up to 10,000 1 Hour
ZbitCo up to 5000 1 Hour
mega-faucet up to 500 2 Hours
bitcoinjackpot up to 10,000 1 Hour

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